Installation Process Overview

This section provides an overview of the entire installation, configuration, and set up process for Release Control. Each step listed below is described in more detail later in this guide.

To install Release Control in an on-premise SBM system:

  1. Ensure that all prerequisite products and databases are installed and configured as described in Pre-Installation Checklist.
  2. Close SBM Configurator on all servers if it is open.
  3. Run the installer as described in Running the Installer and install Release Control on the SBM server or servers that host the following components:
    • SBM Application Engine
    • SBM Application Repository
    • SBM Common Services
  4. Configure the required Release Control settings as described in Applying Required Settings.
  5. Import the solution files as described in Importing Release Control.
  6. Promote the solution snapshots exactly as described in Promoting Release Control.
  7. Do the required configuration and on-boarding tasks as described in Post-Installation Tasks.
  8. Customize your implementation as desired. See Best Practices for Customizing Process Apps.