About the Release Package Process App

The Release Package process app includes two applications: Release Package and Deployment Path. Each has a single workflow.


Release Packages follow a process organized into these stages:


The first stage of the Release Package is the definition stage.

While the release package is in the Define stage, release engineers can:
  • Select release type, which limits the deployment paths available for the release package.
  • Add deployment tasks. These can be newly-created tasks specific to the release package or tasks copied from task templates and other release packages. Deployment tasks can be added, reordered, or deleted as needed as the release package is deployed through the deployment path.
  • View and associate requests and deployment units.

Once accepted, the release package moves to the Deliver stage.


In the Deliver stage, the release packages are deployed.


In the Failure stage, any failure tasks are run in the deployment path environments associated with the train.


In the Verification stage, the functionality implemented by the release packages is verified.

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