Creating Task Templates

If you have a standard set of deployment tasks that are performed for similar release packages, environments, or applications, you can create templates for these tasks. As release engineers create release packages, they can copy tasks from task templates, and then reorder, remove, or add new tasks as needed.

To create a task template:

  1. Open the task templates project submit form in one of the following ways:
    • In Work Center, select a release package, click the More button, and select Create Task Template.

    • In Work Center, click +New and select your task templates project.

      (By default, the Task templates project is used to store task templates.)

  2. Provide a name and description for the task template, and then optionally select values for the following fields:
    • Release Type

      Select the release type to which the task template applies.

    • Applications

      Select specific applications to which the task template applies.

      Note: Users can copy deployment tasks from any approved task template, but when you specify a release type or application, they can filter tasks to those related to a specific release type or application.
  3. Select the release engineer and other release team members who will be responsible for the task template, and then click Submit.
  4. Click the Edit Deployment Tasks button.
  5. Use the form to add new deployment tasks, copy tasks from another task template or release package, delete tasks, or change the sequence of tasks. Click Close when you are done.
  6. Click Complete to send the task template to a release manager for review.
  7. Once approved, the task template is available for release packages.
Note: Deployment tasks associated with task templates won't have deployment units associated, since these are specific to an environment. After the task template is copied to a release package, deployment units must be associated with the release package.
Tip: You can also create a task template from a release package using More > Create Task Template.

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