Creating Environments

Environments are created in the Environments process app. These are logical representations of the physical environments used by your organization. Typical environments include testing, staging, and production.

Users who are assigned to these roles in the Environments process app can create and manage environments:

Creating Environments in Release Control

To create an environment:

  1. In Work Center, click New.
  2. Search for the project that will store your environment, and then select the project to open a Submit form. (By default, the Environments project is used to store environments.)
  3. Fill out the required fields and any optional fields and then click Submit. You can select whether the environment is one of the following:
    • Standard: Release packages can be promoted into the environment by users other than the Release Manager.
    • Restricted: Only the Release Manager can promote release packages into the environment.

    The environment is now in the Commissioned state.

  4. Click Place Online to put the environment in the Online state.

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