Serena Release Control Installation Components

The following components are delivered as part of every Release Control installation, depending on which underlying required SBM components are detected on the server:

Solution File

The solution file contains the workflows and data models that comprise each of the Release Control process apps. The installer delivers the following solution file on the server that hosts SBM Application Repository:

After the installation is complete, you can find the solution file in the Solutions directory here: SBM Installation Directory\Serena\Solutions\RLC. The file name is composed of the version number of the current solution and the .sln extension.

Framework Files

The framework files augment your underlying SBM installation to enable certain features. The framework files include new templates, images, and code that are backward compatible with your existing installation.

For example, the installer provides a set of HTML templates to display Release Control images. The HTML templates are installed on your SBM Application Engine server.

provider Plugins

The provider plugins installed with Release Control enable integration with other products for request and deployment information and execution. You configure provider server and database settings in the Release Control Providers administrator page.

Release Control SDK Files

The Release Control SDK files installed with Release Control enable you to write your own custom provider plugins.