Delegating an Item


Delegate an item when you want to assign an item to a user who does not currently have a role for the item. If an item is in your Inbox, you can delegate it to enable another user to action the item in your place. If you have the necessary privilege, you can delegate an item to override the existing privileges. For example, you could delegate an item to a backup person.

PRIVILEGES  Delegate item

In addition, your process model must define a list of candidate users.

To delegate an item:

  1. In an Items list, select one or more items.

  2. You can select multiple items if they belong to the same product and have the same item type.

  3. Select Item | Delegate, or click the Delegate Item button.

  4. If you have selected multiple items, deselect any you do not want to delegate, and then select the Roles tab.

  5. From the Select the role to delegate list, select the role that you want to delegate.

  6. Select the level of responsibility for the role:

  7. In the Available users list, select the user(s) to whom you want to delegate the role and click Assign. You can select multiple users.

  8. To replace all the users in the Assigned users list with the selected user in the Available users list, click Replace.

    To remove the role assignment from a user, select the user in the Assigned users list, and click Remove.

  9. Click the Close button.

The user receives an email informing them that the item is on their Inbox.

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