Delegate Item/Delegate Items Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to delegate items to users when there is no default user for a given role, or when you need to make explicit role assignments.

You can also use this dialog box to remove the association between delegated items and users.

For multiple items, use the Selected Items tab to view the list of selected items.

For multiple items, see Roles Tab to select role capabilities and the roles to delegate, view and select users authorized to be assigned a role, and view the current role assignments.

Selected Items Tab



Rules and Guidelines

Item ID

The specification of the selected item.

Single item selected only.

Appears above the tabs at the top of the dialog box.

Selected Items

The specification of the selected items.

Appears if you have selected multiple items.

Click to select/deselect an item.

Default is all items selected.

Roles and Users (Only appears if you have selected a single item, appears as separate Roles Tab if you have selected multiple items.)

Select the role to delegate

Select the role that you want to delegate.

To display the users who currently have role assignments for the item, select a role. The users who currently have the role are displayed in the Assigned Users List.


Select Leader, Primary, or Secondary.

The default is Secondary.

Available users

Select one or more users, and click the Add button to delegate the selected role.

To replace all the users currently assigned in that role with the selected user(s), click the Replace button.

Assigned users

Select one or more users, and click the Remove button to remove the role assignment from that user.

You cannot delete role assignments that were specified as part of the design tree structure. Users with these assignments are identified as follows: {Secondary, From Tree}

You can replace all of the existing user assignments for a given role.

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