Working with Content Windows


Content windows are just like document windows in other Microsoft Windows applications. You can open more than one window, switch between open windows, minimize and maximize windows, and stack or cascade windows.

To switch to another open window:

Do one of the following:

For example, to switch to an open Folders and Items window in the PRJ_INITIAL project, select Window | PRJ_INITIAL | Folders and Items (PAYROLL:PRJ_INITIAL).

For example, to switch to a previously opened Folders and Items window in the VS_SIMPLE_1.0 project, right or left click the PRJ_INITIAL project tab and select Folders and Items.

To close a window:

Click the window Close button.

To minimize, maximize, or rearrange windows:

Do one of the following:

NOTE  In full screen view, the menu bar, navigation windows, and toolbar are hidden. You can still access the menu bar by moving the mouse pointer to the top of the window, which temporarily displays it, enabling you to choose a menu option.

To open an object in a new window:

  1. In an object list, right-click the object and select Open New Window. You see the object in a new content window.

  2. NOTE  Depending on the object, you may also open a new window for an object by double-clicking on it. This depends on the setting for the object type under Double-click behaviors on the User Interface tab of the Preferences dialog box.

  3. Select the object to see its related objects.

To show or hide related object lists:

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