About Content Windows

Content windows give you different views of the objects in a product. A content window shows a primary object list or object tree in the left side of the window, and related object lists on the right. By default, the objects that are related the object in the left hand window are displayed to the right, with the most important one as a tiled pane, and the others as a group of tabbed windows. You can choose to have any of them displayed as vertically tiled panes or tabbed windows or a mixture of both.


A. Primary Object list

B. Related Object tree

C. Related Object list

D. Tabbed windows

E. Open streams and projects

You open a content window by clicking an object in a navigation window. You can open multiple windows and switch between windows at any time. Each project or stream for which you have opened a content window has, by default, a tab at the bottom. The previous content windows you have opened for the active project/stream tab can be selected by clicking the tab and selecting a name from the list. The number of content windows opened for that tab is shown in brackets. You can switch to a previously opened project/stream by clicking its tab, which displays showing the last content window you selected in that project/stream.

You can customize the desktop client so that specific windows are automatically opened when you open a project or stream. This is done using the Initial views tab of the Customize Views dialog box.

The content window are:

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