Working in the Console Window


Use the Console window to type Dimensions CM commands. You can also use this window to see the commands that are sent to the Dimensions CM server as the result of actions you take using the desktop client, and to see the results of those commands. By default, the console window is hidden. To display it, select View | Console.

Whenever you perform an action that causes a command to be processed by the Dimensions CM database, the command that is generated appears in the console window. For a complete description of Dimensions CM commands, see the Command-Line Reference Guide.

To type commands in the console window:

  1. To display the console window, select View | Console.

  2. Do any of the following:

  3. To submit the commands in the window, press Enter.

  4. To clear the contents of the window, click the Clear button.

To save or print the contents of the console window:

Do any of the following:

To move the console window:

Do one of the following:

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