Remote Node Log In Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to log in to a remote network node.



Rules and Guidelines

Physical node

Select a network node.


This list only shows nodes that you previously added.


Click to add a remote node.

In the Add Remote File Node dialog box, type the name of the physical node.


Click to delete the remote node currently displayed in the Physical node list.


User ID

Type your user ID for the remote node.



Type your password for the remote node.


Log in automatically

Select to automatically log in to the remote node when you start the desktop client.

You cannot select this option unless your Dimensions CM Administrator enables automatic log in.

Save settings for all nodes

Select to save the user name, password, and automatic log in settings for all remote nodes.


For this to take effect, you need to have the option Authorize automatic remote login set for your user in the Administration Console under User and Group Registration.

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