About Logging into Dimensions CM

To work with Dimensions CM, you log in to the Dimensions CM database. To log in, your user ID and password must be registered on the Dimensions CM base database for your product. If you are working on multiple products that are stored in different databases, you need the connection information for each of those products.

About Login Profiles

You can save your login details for a product as a login profile. Creating login profiles is particularly useful if you access multiple databases or different Dimensions CM server installations. A login profile saves all of your connection information, except your password.

About User Interface Profiles

Your administrator may have set up one or more options that determine which functions in the desktop client are accessible when you have logged in to a session. For example there may be an option to only view functions related to change control or version control. These options do not necessarily relate to any privileges you may have to perform the functions.

If more than one UI profile has been set up for your user or group, then when you log in to the desktop client for the first time, you will be asked to choose one of these profiles as your default. You can change this profile at any point during a session.

If only one UI profile has been set up, you will not be able to change it. If no UI Profile has been set up, then you will be able to access all features of the clients.

About Logging into Remote Nodes

You can access files and directories that are located on a remote network node, such as a z/OS mainframe. For example, you might be working with items that are stored on a different node than your Dimensions CM database server, or your work area might be on a remote network node.

To access these files and directories, you must log in to the remote node. You can:

About Automatic Login

If your Dimensions CM administrator has set up your account to allow automatic login, you can automatically log in to Dimensions CM when you start the desktop client. When you log in automatically, you bypass the Dimensions CM splash screen and the Login dialog box.

You can still access the Login dialog box if you need to change your connection information, for example, if you need to access a different database.

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