Setting Associations

Set associations when you want to associate an item type with a particular file extension when creating items. For example, if you enter build\src\main.c as a project filename and you have associated c with Item Type SRC in the Associations tab of the Preferences dialog box, item type SRC will be automatically chosen for the newly created item.

PRIVILEGES  No special privileges required.

NOTE  This file extension mapping is only used if no upload rules are defined. If an upload rule is found that matches the file extension (even the default % rule) then the item type matching the upload rule is used instead.

To access associations:

Select Tools | Preferences and select the Associations tab.

To add a new association:

  1. Under Add Association

  2. Press Add to add the new association to the associations listed above.

To remove an existing association:

  1. Select the required association in the list of associations.

  2. Click the Remove button.

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