Users, Roles and Privileges for Request Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to view the role assignments for a request and the users who have the request on their Inboxes.

Use the Users with Object in Their Inbox tab to see users who have this request on their Inboxes.

See Role Assignments Tab tab for how to view which users have roles that can make changes to the selected request.

See Privileges tab for details of viewing the privileges a user has for performing various operations on the baseline.

Users with Object in Their Inbox Tab



Rules and Guidelines

User Name

The user ID for whom the request is pending.



The user's role.



Shows whether the user has Primary (P), Secondary (S), or Leader (L) role capability for the request.

These role capabilities are set up in the process model. For more information, see the Process Configuration Guide.

Full Name

The user's name.



The user's location.



The user's department.



The user's telephone number.


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