New Request Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to create a new request.

Use the General tab to identify the product, title, prime details, and description file for the request.

See Relationships Tab for how to identify the design parts, items, and other requests that are related to the new request.

See Attributes Tab/Page for how to change the user-defined attributes.

See Attachments Tab for how to add or remove attachments from the request.

General Tab



Rules and Guidelines


Select the product for which the new request is to be created, or accept the default.

The default is the product ID of your current project/stream.


Select the type of request to be created.


To be addressed in Project/Stream

Enter a project/stream ID, or click the Find Project button to select a project or the Find Stream button to select a stream.



Type a title for the request.


Based on request

Select the Based on request check box to prime the request using another request.



Enter a request ID or click the Browse button:Browse_button00005.gif to find one



Select the relationship this request will have to the priming request.


Description File

Type the name of the file containing the description of the change, or click the Browse button:Browse_button00006.gif to find the file.

If you click the Edit Detailed Description button, this field displays the name of the temporary file containing your description.

Edit Detailed Description

Click to open a text editor in which you can type the detailed description.

The text editor is the default editor that you specified for the request type in the Preferences dialog box.

Submit as draft (do not enter into the system)

Select to keep the request as a draft copy so that it is not available or visible to other users


Lock ownership to this site (for replication use only)

Select to lock the ownership of this request so that it cannot be requested by other sites.


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