Audit Project Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to produce an audit report for the build areas associated with a Dimensions project/stream. The report compares the files in the Dimensions repository with those in the build areas that you select.



Rules and Guidelines


Select the stage that you want to audit.



Select the build area that you want to audit.

To audit all the build areas associated with the stage select <All areas>.


Choose a filter to determine which items will be included in the audit. Select <Default> to use the default filter for the selected area

CAUTION!  Audit and area filters can easily be confused. For information see Correct Use of Area and Audit Filters in the Area Definitions chapter in the Process Configuration Guide.


Attempt to fix any inconsistencies found in the area

Attempts to repair the build area so that it contains all the item revisions from the project/stream that are at the stage that you specified.


Report File

Type the path and filename of the file to contain the report, or click the Browse button and select the file.

If you do not select a file the report is displayed in a new window and is not saved.

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