Viewing Users, Roles, and Privileges for a Baseline


View the role assignments for a baseline and the users with the baseline in their Inboxes. View the privileges for the baseline for a user.

PRIVILEGES  To view other user's privileges you will need the privilege View other User's Privileges for the product that owns the baseline.

To view users and roles:

  1. Select a baseline.

  2. Select Baseline | Show User Roles and Privileges.

  3. To see which users have this baseline in their Inbox, click the Users with Object in Their Inbox tab.

  4. To see which users are assigned to a particular role for this baseline, click the Role Assignments tab.

  5. To see which privileges are enabled, click the Privileges tab.

  6. If you have the View Other User's Privileges privilege, select the user whose privileges you want to view from the User list.

  7. To view deployment privileges that apply to a specific stage or area, select a stage from the Stage list, and optionally, select an area from the Area list.

  8. NOTE  If the privilege has a unresolved_privilege.gif icon, this means that the user’s permission cannot be resolved. You will need to select a Stage and Area above in order to determine whether the user has that privilege or not.

  9. To see the rule that applies to a privilege, select the privilege.

  10. The details are displayed in the Rule(s) Applied text box at the bottom of the dialog box.

  11. Click the Close button.

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