About Baselines

How Can I Use Baselines to Manage my Development?

At product development milestones, you can capture and record the versions of some or all of the items in a design part or a project/stream by saving them as a baseline. In Serena® Dimensions® CM, a baseline is a snapshot of a design part or a project/stream at a particular time. Baselines ensure that the design parts and items included in the baseline can be reliably recreated in the future. For example, create a baseline before starting a maintenance cycle or assigning further development activities.


Baseline Template

A baseline template is a set of rules that determine which items to include or exclude in a baseline. For example, you might include a baseline template rule *FINAL (latest edit revision at the final state in the lifecycle) for the item type SRC, which would mean that you want to include only versions of the items in your project/stream that have reached the Approved state for items of type SRC. There is a number of such rules that can be defined in a baseline template, and you can define different rules for different item types. For detailed information about baseline templates and rules, see the Appendix "Baseline and Release Templates" in the Process Configuration Guide.