Modifying Build Job Schedules


Follow this procedure to modify the parameters of an existing build job schedule.

To modify a build job schedule:

  1. In Dimensions Build click the Build Scheduling tab.

  2. In the navigation pane click Scheduling and select the Dimensions project containing the build job schedule that you want to modify. In the Scheduled Build Jobs section of the content pane, in the Scheduled Time column, click the schedule. The Edit Scheduled Build Job dialog box appears.

  3. From the Dimensions Project list select a Dimensions project.

  4. From the Build Configuration list select a build configuration. To build all configurations select All configurations.

  5. From the Version list select the version of the build configuration that you want to build. If you are building all configurations this option is set to Latest and you cannot change it.

  6. From the Build Area list select the build area where you want the build configuration to be built. To build all build areas associated with the build configuration select All areas. If you are building all configurations this option is set to All areas and you cannot change it.

  7. When you attached a build area to the build configuration, if you specified that a password is required at runtime, the Provide passwords for selected areas link appears to the right of the Build Area list.

    To enable access by the users to the build areas when the scheduled job is run in the future, you must provide a password for each user. Do the following:

    a    Click Provide passwords for selected areas. The Set Build Password(s) dialog box appears.

    b    Type and confirm a password for each user.

    c     Click Save.

  8. From the Build Target list select the build target to be built. To build all build targets for the build configuration select All targets. If you are building all configurations this option is set to All targets and you cannot change it.

  9. To modify the start time for the build job do the following:

  10. a    Click the down arrow to the right of the Start Time field.

    The calendar picker appears.

    b    From the Month list select a month, or use the left and right arrows to scroll through the months.

    c     From the Year list select a year.

    d    Select a date. Dates with a light grey background occur on Saturdays and Sundays. Dates with a dark grey background occur in different months and you cannot select them (choose the next or previous month).

    e    From the Time lists select an hour, minute, and PM or AM.

    f      To use this start time click the tick button at the top right corner of the calendar picker.

    The start time appears in the Start Time field.

  11. From the Time Out list optionally specify the minutes, hours, or days after which the build job is terminated if it has not finished.

  12. Select the Execute clean-up script before build check box to have the clean-up script defined in the build configuration executed before the build begins (all files in the build area are removed before the build begins).

  13. Select the Do not transfer sources check box if you do not want copies of the source files retrieved to the build area.

  14. Select the Do not preserve targets check box if you do not want the target files to be preserved in Dimensions.

  15. (If you are preserving targets) From the Select Dimensions Project for targets preservation list select the Dimensions project that will receive the target files produced by the build. This list is not displayed if you select the Do not preserve targets check box.

  16. Click OK.

NOTE  If passwords are required at runtime for the build areas but you have not specified them (see step 6), you will be prompted for the passwords.

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