Modifying the Frequency and Range of Recurring Build Jobs


Follow the procedure below to modify the frequency and range that a build job is repeated.

To modify the frequency of a recurring build job:

  1. In Dimensions Build click the Build Scheduling tab.

  2. In the navigation pane click Scheduling and select the Dimensions project containing the build schedule recurrence that you want to modify. In the Scheduled Build Jobs section of the content pane click the schedule. The Edit Scheduled Build Job dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Recurrence tab.

  4. To modify the frequency that the build job is repeated select one of the following options:

  5. Click the Range of Recurrence tab.

  6. To modify the start time of the build job recurrence, click the down arrow to the right of the Start field. The calendar picker appears. To select a start time and date do the following:

  7. a    From the Month list select a month, or use the left and right arrows to scroll through the months.

    b    From the Year list select a year.

    c     Select a date. Dates with a light grey background occur on Saturdays and Sundays. Dates with a dark grey background occur in different months and you cannot select them (choose the next or previous month).

    d    From the Time lists select an hour, minute, and PM or AM.

    e    To use this start time click the tick button at the top right corner of the calendar picker. The start time appears in the Start Time field.

  8. To modify when the build job recurrence will end, choose one of the following options:

  9. Click OK.

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