Adding a Build Source from a File

To add a build source from a file:

  1. In the navigation pane of the Build Management tab, locate and select the build configuration to which you want to add a source.

  2. Make sure the build configuration is checked out.

  3. Expand the build configuration until the Build Targets entry is visible in the project tree. This will also cause the Sources section to appear in the content pane.

  4. In the content pane, click the Sources title to make it active.

  5. Click the New Object icon (shaped like a plus sign). The Add New Source dialog box appears.

  6. For File Name or Mask enter the filename of the source file, or the mask specifying wildcards.

  7. For Relative path enter a path to the source that is relative to the project relative path. This restricts the path to the sub-directory that you specify. For example, if the project relative path is C:\Projects\Qlarius\Java and you specify a relative path of Utilities, the path to the source will be restricted to C:\Projects\Qlarius\Java\Utilities.

  8. For Build Type enter an item format. For details see Using Item Formats to Control Build Rules.

  9. Click OK. The new source appears in the Sources section.