Using Item Formats to Control Build Rules

When you add a build source to a build configuration you can specify a build type item format. This enables you to add an additional level of granularity and subdivide a large group of sources with the same extension or item type into smaller subsets based on their unique item format. Wildcards are then scoped using a name match and the build type item format.

For example, COBOL source code can be BATCH, CICS, DB2, IMS, or a combination of multiples. They all have a .COBOL extension and are the same item type. However, if you define an item format for each one, you can specify a unique build type item format when adding build sources. For example, you could have the following COBOL build type item formats:

If you specify a build type item format, the source is scoped by both the item type (e.g., COBOL(*) and the build type item format (e.g., COBOL_CICS).

For information about specifying Dimensions item formats see the chapter Data Formats and MIME Types in the Process Configuration Guide.