Integration Steps

To integrate Openmake with Dimensions Build follow these steps:



Additional Information

Create a build configuration

In Dimensions Build create a build configuration, specify the Openmake build configuration type, and verify that the project name that you specify matches the project name defined on the Openmake KB server.

Managing Dimensions Build Configurations and Build Configuration Types

Edit the Openmake build options

In Dimensions Build edit the Openmake options in the build configuration as required. The option DMSEARCHPATH should contain the name of the Openmake search path.

Managing Dimensions Build Configurations

Set up search paths in Openmake

In the Openmake web client set up search paths as normal.

ChangeMan Builder documentation

Set up TGT files in Openmake

In the Openmake web or ISPF clients set up TGT files as normal.

ChangeMan Builder documentation

Verify the search paths

In Dimensions Build verify that the search path exactly matches the search path defined in the Openmake KB server for the current project and phase (DEV, UT, ST, etc.). The search path is derived from the relationship of the deployment areas to the stages in the Global Stage Lifecycle. To setup search paths do the following:

a        Set up a Dimensions lifecycle or use an existing one.

b        Add stages to the Global Stage Lifecycle or use the default stages.

c         Define deployment areas for each stage in the Global Stage Lifecycle.

Lifecycle Management chapter and File Area Definitions chapter in the Process Configuration Guide

Import TGT files

In Dimensions Build use the import target wizard to import your TGT files into your build configurations.

Importing TGT Files into a Build Configuration

Produce impact analysis data

In Dimensions Build optionally specify a build template variable that triggers the production of impact analysis data during a build.

Producing Impact Analysis Data

Run the build

Run your build from Dimensions Build or from a Dimensions client.

Executing Builds in the Build Administration Console

Monitor the build

In Dimensions Build monitor the initial progress of your build. You can also use Dimensions Build to view a Bill of Materials.

If you are running a build on a Windows or UNIX machine a web browser opens automatically and displays information from the Openmake knowledge base server about the progress of the build.

Monitoring Builds in the Build Administration Console