Setting Up Build Footprinting

Enabling Build Footprinting

To enable build footprinting you must create a BOM. There are two ways that you can create a BOM:

//*SBEM TFP DDNAME [(*)] [listing-type-name]

Using TFP instead of the TGT causes the SBEM to generate the required entry in the BOM. For details about using the SBEM see page 250.

There is an example of this technique in Dimensions in:

<Dimensions instance>.TEMPLATE(MDHBLNKC)

Embedding the Footprint Report Name in the Target

Serena does not provide a solution for embedding footprint report names in targets. However, on MVS for standard LOAD modules Serena supplies a program called MDHLLNK0 that enables you to embed footprinting information. For more information see MDHLLNK0.

Configuring the Footprint Report Name

Use the variable DM_FOOTPRINT_FOLDER in the Dimensions configuration file, dm.cfg, to configure the name of the footprint report and its associated path. You can customize the report name by including special formatting symbols prefixed by a plus '+' sign:

Default value: FOOTPRNT/J+z.XML



NOTE  The +p,+a, and +j expansions are not suitable for use in MVS projects that use deployment areas as these may generate strings that are not compatible with MVS data set naming standards.