Use the MDHLLNK0 utility before the link step to:

Use MDHLLNK0 in the templates MDHBLNK0 and MDHBLNK1.

General Parameters




Includes the footprint CSECT.

-t <filename>

Enables tracing to the file that you specify. You can use DD:FOO.


Returns the code RC=0 even if some of the included files were not found.

Output Control Parameters




Controls what action is taken when a linkage editor "NAME" control card is found in the input:

  • -u0

No action

  • -u1

The output is opened only for reading.

  • -u2

(Default) The output is opened for reading, and if that fails, is opened for writing. This action allows the SBEM to detect the targets in all cases. However, you may not require this behavior in some builds.