Connection Pooling Statistics Main Window

The Connection Pooling Statistics main window of the Administration Console enables you to view information about the current sessions in use with the Dimensions server.

Field or Button



Returns to the Administration Console main window.


Displays this help.


Manually refreshes the display of pooling statistics. The display will automatically refresh every five minutes.

Number of sessions

Total number of login sessions (active plus inactive). Inactive sessions entries are colored blue; active sessions are colored black.

Number of active sessions

The number of login sessions that are presently active (colored black).

Number of server processes

The number of server processes that have been started and are currently in use by a session.

User ID

The user ID for the login session.

Client Node

The machine the user logged in from. For the web client or Administration Console, this is the machine that is running the web application server (Tomcat).

DB Name

The base database name for the login session.

DB Connection

The database connection for the login session.

Application Name

The client program that is being accessed by the user. For example, PCCLIENT represents the desktop client.

Time Connected (in sec)

The amount of time the user has been logged in using this session.

Time Allocated (in sec)

The total amount of time a server process has been allocated to this session.

Session ID

The unique ID for the session.

Process ID

The unique process ID of the server process allocated to this session. If this value is 0, then there is no server process allocated and the session is idle.

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