New Report File Dialog Box

The New Report File dialog box allows you to specify the details of an executable file or an auxiliary file that can be used to create a report.



Rules and Guidelines


The name of the user report file.

  • Required.

  • Up to 25 characters.


The revision level of the report file.

  • Required.

  • Up to 15 characters.

File location to add from

The name and location of the file to be used as the report file. The content of this file will be imported into the database and associated with the ID at the Revision entered above.

  • Required.

  • Up to 240 characters.

Filename when running report

The name of the report file to be run. This is also the default filename when exporting the report file to a location specified by the user.

  • Required.

  • Up to 240 characters.

Runs Report?

(appears only if adding and assigning a new report file)

Indicates whether this report file is the main file that is executed when running a report. Dimensions retrieves this report file from the database to execute the report.

Only one report file can be designated as the main file to be executed for a report definition. If another report file is already designated as the main file, then the current file will run the report and the other report file will no longer run the report.

  • Default: unchecked if another report file is set as the main report.

  • Required to be checked if no other user report is set as the main report.

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