How to Create User Report Definitions


Follow this procedure to create a new user report definition. After creating the report, you can associate user reports files to it.

To define a new user report definition:

  1. From the User Reports Administration main window, click the User Report Definitions tab.

  2. Click the New button: new_report_button00005.gif. The New User Report Definition dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the ID for the report in the Name field, up to 25 characters.

  4. Select the operating system of the Dimensions server against which the report will be run from the Op System list.

  5. NOTE  On Dimensions 8 and later, you cannot run any VMS- based reports.

  6. Select the functional area of Dimensions to which the report will belong from the Scope list:

  7. Optionally, complete the rest of the fields in the dialog box.

  8. Click OK.

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Example: Setting Up and Running a New User Report

This example shows you how to set up and run a new user report.

  1. Create a new file in c:\temp:

  2. chdoc_report.bat

  3. Copy and paste the following text into the file:

  4. set SQLFILE=c:\temp\rur.sql

    set RESFILE=c:\temp\res.txt


    echo set pages 0 > %SQLFILE%

    echo select ch_doc_id from pcms_chdoc_data; >> %SQLFILE%

    echo exit >> %SQLFILE%


    sqlplus intermediate/intermediate@pc8 @%SQLFILE%


    del /f %SQLFILE%

  5. Log into the Administration Console. In the Database Management section click User Reports Administration.

  6. On the toolbar click New.

  7. In the New User Report Definition dialog box do the following:

  8. a    In the Name field enter: CHDOC_TEST

    b    From the Op System list select WIN.

    c     From the Scope list select Change Management.

    d    Optionally enter a description.

  9. To create the new user report click OK.

  10. To add a new report file to the user report do the following:

  11. a    In the left pane select the new user report you created previously.

    b    In the right pane, in the Report Files section click ’Add’ (Assign Report File) and select New Report File.

    c     Complete the dialog box as shown below:


    NOTE: The filename when running the report must have the .bat extension.

    d    To add the report file click OK.

  12. To test the report, log into the Dimensions CM command-line interface (dmcli) and run the following command:


    After the command has completed check the current directory for this file: test.txt

  14. To run the report in the web client:

  15. a    On the Items tab click More and select Run User Report.

    b    Complete the dialog box as shown below:


    c     To run the report click Next and then Finish.

  16. To run the report in the desktop client do the following:

  17. a    From the Tools menu select Reports > Run User Reports.

    b    Complete the dialog box as shown below:


    c     To run the report click OK.

  18. To verify that the report has run correctly check that the output file was created.