Copy Valid Set Dialog Box

The Copy Valid Set dialog box allows you to create a new valid set based on the selected valid set. The new valid set inherits the values of the selected valid set. You can modify these values once you've completed the copy operation by using the Edit Valid Set dialog box.



Rules and Guidelines


The product to which the new valid will belong.

  • Required

  • The default is the product of the selected valid set.

Valid Set Name

The name of the new valid set. This value must be unique within the base database.

  • Required.

  • Up to 25 characters.

Based On

The selected valid set that serves as the basis for the new valid set.

Display only.

No. of Cols.

The number of columns in the valid set.

Display only.


Text that explains the intended use of this valid set.

  • Optional.

  • Up to 240 characters.

Error Message

Text to be displayed if a user enters a value that is not included in the valid set.

  • Optional.

  • Up to 240 characters.

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