Users and Groups Tab: Menu Area

The Users and Groups tab enables you to create new users and groups of users as well as modify existing users and groups. See the table below for a description of the toolbar buttons that appear on the Users tab. The buttons that appear depend on the selection you have made in the navigation pane.



newuserbutton.gif or new_group_button.gif


Define a new user using the New User dialog box.

Define a new group using the New Group dialog box.

copyuserbutton.gif or copy_group_button.gif

Copy details of the selected user/group to create a new user/group using the Copy User or Copy Group dialog box.

deleteuserbutton.gif or delete_group_button.gif


Delete the selected user(s) or group(s).


Promote a proxy (auto registered) user to a normal user using the Promote Proxy dialog box.


Add, edit, or remove custom attributes from users using the Manage Attributes dialog box.

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