Role Definitions Tab

The Role Definitions tab enables you to define new roles in the base database as well as modify existing roles.

Role Definitions Tab: Menu Area

See the table below for a description of the toolbar buttons that appear on the Role Definitions tab.




Add a new role using the New Role Definition dialog box.


Copy details of the selected role to create a new role by using the Copy Role Definition dialog box.


Delete the selected role(s).

Role Definitions Tab: Navigation Pane

The navigation pane on the Role Definitions tab lists the roles in the base database. In the navigation pane, you can:

Role Definitions Tab: Content Pane

The information displayed in the content pane depends on what you have selected in the navigation pane.

If you select...

Then the content pane displays:

A single role

  • General: Section that displays details about the selected role.

  • editbutton00025.gif: Click to modify details for the role using the Edit Role Definition dialog box.


  • Role Definitions: Section that displays a detailed summary of all users in the user section or base database.

  • editbutton00027.gif: Click to modify details for the selected role(s) using the Edit Role Definition dialog box.

  • html_list_button00028.gif: Click to print the summary of roles.

  • csv_list_button00029.gif: Click to save the summary of roles as comma-separated values.

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