Privileges Tab: Content Pane

The information displayed in the content pane depends on what you have selected in the navigation pane.

If you select...

Then the content pane displays:

A single user: user00061.gif, group: group_icon00062.gif, or role: role_icon00063.gif


  • A number of sections that display the current assignments for each object class and administration area for the selected user, group, or role.

  • editbutton00064.gif: Click to modify details for the assigned privilege rules.

A Privilege icon: privilege_icon00065.gif

  • Privilege details: Section that displays the name, category and description of the privilege

  • General Grant Rules: Section that displays the rules that apply at a general level and are not applicable to specific users or groups.

  • editbutton00066.gif Click to grant this privilege rule.

  • Explicit Grant/Deny Rules: Section displaying the rules that apply at a specific user/group level for this privilege

  • add_button00067.gif Click to grant this privilege rule to specific users or groups.

  • Delete_button00068.gif Click to remove the selected privilege rule for the user or group.

  • Other Grant Rules: Section that displays the rules for this privilege that apply to roles.

  • editbutton00069.gif: Click to remove an assignment for this privilege rule.

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