Adding Profiles


Follow this procedure to create a new profile that controls which features are visible in the Dimensions CM clients. You can also create a profile using the details of an existing profile.

PRIVILEGES  Manage User Interface Profiles

NOTE  When new functions are added in a release of Dimensions CM, they are tuned off by default, so you may need to update existing profiles if you want users to have the new features available.

To add a new profile:

  1. On the Profile Definitions tab, do one of the following:

  2. Enter a name for the profile in the Name field.

  3. Optionally, enter text that describes the profile in the Description field.

  4. Click the Views tab and select which views and subviews should be visible with the profile.

  5. Click the Operations tab and select which commands should be visible with the profile.

  6. To create another profile after adding this profile, select the Keep open check box.

  7. Click OK.

You can now assign the new profile to the appropriate users or groups.

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