Managing Privileges

A privilege is either a function that a user can perform on an object class, such as creating a baseline, or it is an administrative task such as managing users and groups. Each privilege has a set of rules that can be set at various levels to suit your organization's ways of working. Unlike roles, privileges cannot be restricted to particular design parts, but generally apply to all objects in a particular class.

You can have a privilege assigned to:

Privileges are classified into two areas:

Administration Privileges, privileges to perform various administrative functions within the Dimensions CM database, for example to assign roles to users, or update the properties of a deployment area. The settings for these privileges apply to all products in the base database. They are subdivided into:

Product Level Privileges, privileges to perform operations on classes of Dimensions CM objects within a specified product, for example to promote an item or create a baseline. The settings you make in the Administration Console for these privileges only apply to your current product.

The object classes are:

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