New Template Dialog Box

The New Template dialog box enables you to add a new template or add a new revision of an existing template.

When you have selected an existing template in the content area, the name field is populated with the selected template name.



Rules and Guidelines


The name that identifies the template.

  • Default: The selected template name.

  • Up to 25 characters.

  • Required.


The revision number of the template.

  • Enter a revision number.

  • up to 10 digits.

  • Required.


The name and path of the item header substitution file or request browse template file. The contents of this file will be stored in Dimensions against the template and revision specified.

  • Use the browse button to locate the file or

  • Enter the filename in the text field.

  • Required.

Default Template

A check box indicating whether this template is to become the default for the selected item/request type.

Check to make this the default.


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