Creating a New Template


Follow this procedure when you want to add a new template for an item or request type or add a new revision of an existing template.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Object Types

To create a new template:

  1. From the Object Types main window, select Item Types or Request Types from the Object Class list in the navigation pane, according to the type of template you want to create.

  2. Click the Templates tab in the content pane.

  3. If you want to create a new revision of an existing template, select the template in the content pane.

  4. Click the add_button00046.gif button in the content pane. The New Template dialog box appears.

  5. Enter the name and revision number of the template in the Name and Revision fields.

  6. In the Filename field, enter the filename and path of the template file from your work area, or browse to the location.

  7. If you want this template to be the default, select the Default Template check box.

  8. When you have finished, click OK to commit the details.

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