Assign/Edit Block Attribute Dialog Box

The Assign Block Attribute dialog box enables you to define a multi-field multi value attribute for an object type or product. You can assign an existing block attribute, or define a new one and assign it.

NOTE  If a block attribute contains multi-value (MVA) attributes with assigned values defined as mandatory, each populated row must have values assigned to those mandatory attributes when the user enters them. This default behavior is different from previous releases. You can revert to the previous behavior by setting the DM_MANDATORY_MVA_ANY_ROW parameter in the dm.cfg file. For details see the System Administration Guide.

The fields in the General area are:



Rules and Guidelines


The name that identifies this block attribute.

  • Required.

  • Enter a name in the text field.

User Prompt

This is the attribute's field label which will be shown in interactive dialogs.

  • Enter a description in the text field.

  • Up to 50 characters.

Block Update Type


The update entry method; one of the following:

  • Allow users to add, modify, and delete rows.

  • Do not allow user to modify, or delete rows; only append new rows.

Choose an option from the list.

The Attributes in Block area contains a list of the fields that are defined within the multi-field multi-value attribute:



Rules and Guidelines

Attributes in Block

Use the fields below to add or amend the single-field multi-value attributes that make up the multi-field multi-value attribute.


Column Number

The column number associated with the attribute name in the multi-field attribute.

Display Only.


Inserts a new field below the current row.

Click to insert a new row below this row.


Removes the selected field.

Click to delete this row.

Attribute Name


The name of the attribute within the multi-column block.

NOTE  You should not use the same attribute for more than one field within this dialog box.

Select a single-field, multi-value attribute from the list.


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