About the Host Node

Dimensions CM item libraries can be defined to enable users with appropriate Dimensions CM authorization to access the items stored in these libraries from any Dimensions CM node in the network. A Dimensions CM network can consist of nodes running on different operating systems and networked in a variety of ways using
TCP/IP. For further details on these networking aspects, refer to the related document, the System Administration Guide.

If Dimensions Network is installed and running, the host IDs (up to 20 characters and case-sensitive) define the node on the network where the item libraries will be located. The Tool Manager predefines these host IDs when setting up and maintaining the Dimensions Network. You must choose a node for the item library; * is not a valid entry. If you enter a node that is not known to Dimensions Network, you will receive an error message when you attempt to create the library.

NOTE  This must not be a logical node.

If Dimensions Network is not installed, all filenames must be on the local node. To ensure this, enter the node name of the Dimensions CM server in the combo box.

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