About Item Libraries


Item libraries in Dimensions CM enable you to specify the operating-system directory that Dimensions CM will use to store the associated item files, and the required level of protection for that directory.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Libraries

The functions provided enable you to:


To maintain the integrity of the library data, follow these precautions:

The Product Manager is permitted to revise the library definitions in this function at any time. However, Dimensions CM will not move the library contents to correspond with the revised definitions – it merely issues a warning message advising the Product Manager of the need to do this. Therefore, the definitions must not be altered while other Dimensions CM users are logged in and using them: to do so would be likely to cause Dimensions to report fatal library access errors. After making alterations here, the Product Manager must transfer the files in the library directories so they correspond with the new definitions before permitting other users to access the libraries for this product.

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