About Protection

The Protection field is used to modify, if desired, the default protections assigned to an item library when it is created (see also note below regarding library ownership).

NOTE  The required protection level of the directories which hold the Dimensions CM libraries must be appropriate for the operating system on the network node where the library is being defined. If the Dimensions Network is being used, this node could be using a different operating system from the one on which Dimensions CM is running.

The Protection field specifies what access to the Dimensions CM libraries is permitted directly via the operating system. The normal access indicators:

UNIX: R = read, W = write, X = execute

are used in appropriate combinations to provide the required level of protection. The format in which the protection is defined to Dimensions CM is:

on UNIX: <owner>, <group>, <world>
e.g. RX,RX,

In the examples above, "world" has no access indicators and, therefore, no access to the directory (except for access to Dimensions CM items via Dimensions CM control).

This Protection field is left blank during library creation. Once a library directory has been created, and before it is used, its owner (the Product Manager) specifies the protection level required for operating-system access by creating an ACL (Access Control List) for it.

Protection is not provided.

The criteria for choosing a protection level for these libraries is that the protection level specifies what access is required (if any) other than via Dimensions CM, e.g. RX,, [UNIX] may be sufficient. Dimensions will always grant access to an item, provided the user requesting it holds the required role. (Exception: with a directory item, although the archive/save-set file which comprises a directory item may itself be retrieved as described, its reconstruction into directories is dependent on the user having access permissions compatible with those recorded for the directories and files in the archive/save-set.)

NOTE  When a library is created its ownership will be that of the Product Manager creating it – the access protection on the directory will be that specified by that user. No matter what protection is specified, Dimensions CM will always have access to these libraries as it enjoys special privileges when required to get from or write into libraries.

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