About Object Type Definitions


The management of Object Type Definitions within the Serena┬« Dimensions┬« CM Administration Console allows you to:

As there are numerous functions. Object Type Definitions is divided into a number of sections that are presented in different tabs within the content pane. More detailed descriptions of these functions will be given in each section.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Object Types


NOTE  An object type is defined in relation to the currently selected product. If you want to set up an object class of the same type in different products you will need to define them separately in each product.

When you create a new product based on an existing product, the object type definitions are copied to the new product. You can also set up object types by setting your current product to the $GENERIC product. Doing this enables you to use the $GENERIC product as a template for object types when creating a new product.


Dimensions Administration Console | Configuration Object Management | Object Type Definitions

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