About Library File Compression

Dimensions CM provides a file compression utility that you can enable for an item type. This causes all files of that item type to be stored in compressed form in the relevant item library. When a user browses, gets a copy, or checks out a compressed file, Dimensions CM uncompresses the file. The compression used is affected by the settings of the parameters DM_COMPRESS_FILES_ON_TRANSFER and DM_COMPRESSION_MIN_FILELENGTH in the dm.cfg file. See the System Administration Guide for more details.

For example, you might want to store all binary files in compressed form.

NOTE  You cannot enable file compression for delta libraries.

The compress and uncompress commands used by Dimensions CM by default are the standard Lempel-Ziv compress and uncompress utilities. This default can be overridden by setting the parameters described below. However, if you do set these parameters to use another compression utility, it must be consistently used for all such item types.

The parameters COMPRESS and UNCOMPRESS in the Dimensions CM initialization file $DM_PROG/dm.cfg to suitable settings.

The parameters DM_PARAM_COMPRESS and DM_PARAM_UNCOMPRESS in the Dimensions initialization file %DM_ROOT%\dm.cfg to suitable settings.

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