About Delta Storage

The option is available to store items using the native Serena Version Manager delta library storage scheme on UNIX or Windows. In this scheme, different revisions of the same item are stored as deltas of previous revisions. This provides more efficient disk space utilization, especially for text files. However, delta libraries are not recommended for binary item files such as executables. There are some factors which may cause delta libraries to be less efficient, such as long record lengths, the speed of the delta processing and lastly, internal limits on the number of file branches.

NOTE  The use of delta libraries is not supported on HP-UX 64-bit, Itanium.

NOTE  UNIX Users: All new items that are created in the delta library will use the Version Manager delta scheme. However, if any items were created in the delta library using a pre-5.0 version of Dimensions CM, which utilized the Source Code Control System (SCCS) mechanism, then existing or new revisions of that item will continue to use the SCCS mechanism.

NOTE  The compress storage option is not available for delta library storage.

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