Unassigning Object Types from a Lifecycle


Follow this procedure when you want to remove one or more object type(s) from the list of object types that use a particular lifecycle.

Note that you can also unassign a lifecycle from a specific object type in the corresponding dialog boxes in Object Type Definitions. See Assigned Lifecycle Details.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Lifecycles


See About Lifecycle Management.

A different lifecycle ID may be specified for an object type, or the lifecycle relationship may be deleted only if there are no objects of that type already existing.

To unassign object types from a lifecycle:

  1. In the Lifecycles main window, select the lifecycle from which you want to unassign object types.

  2. Click the Assign button: assign_lifecycle_button00006.gif The Assign Object Types to Lifecycle dialog box appears.

  3. Select the object type(s) you want to unassign in the Object types associated with this lifecycle list and click Unrelate.

  4. Click OK to confirm the changes.

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