About Lifecycle Management


Serena┬« Dimensions┬« CM Lifecycle Management enables you to specify the processing that types of item, request, and baseline can undergo. A lifecycle consists of a number of states. You define these states and the permitted transitions that can occur between any of them. You also specify which Dimensions CM user roles are assigned to each transition. Each lifecycle can be related to one or more object types, meaning that the object types are to be processed according to that particular lifecycle.

Lifecycle Management allows you to:


Provided the above constraints are complied with:

In addition to the preceding, an existing object lifecycle can only be modified if no associated items or requests are currently in a checked out or held state, respectively; that is, they need to be checked in or saved. If this is not done, you will receive a warning message such as "Item requires status in lifecycle which is not included in update".


Dimensions Administration Console | Configuration Object Management | Lifecycles

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