Setting the State Properties for an Object Type


Follow this procedure when you want to define a lifecycle state for an item or request type as sensitive. This means that an electronic signature is required by presenting the user with an Authentication Point dialog box when they action the object type to or from this lifecycle state.

Also follow this procedure to associate an item type with a stage in the Global Stage Lifecycle.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Object Types


This function is available for items and requests only.

You can only assign a deployment stage to a state if no other deployment stage is assigned to it.

You cannot assign or unassign a deployment stage other than DEVELOPMENT to or from a lifecycle state if there are item revisions in the base database that:


To set the state properties for an item or request type:

  1. In the Lifecycles main window, display the list of lifecycles in the content pane by clicking the top node: lifecycles_node00020.gif in the navigation pane.

  2. Click the name link of the lifecycle associated with the object type in the content pane. The Edit Lifecycle dialog box appears.

  3. Select the item or request type whose state properties you want to set in the filter bar.

  4. Select the state for which you want to set the properties and click the Properties button:

  5. state_properties_button00021.gif 

  6. If you want to define the lifecycle state as sensitive, select Is sensitive.

  7. For an item, request, or baseline type, select the stage you want to associate with the lifecycle state from the Stage list. If you want to remove the association, select <No Stage Assigned>.

  8. Click OK.

NOTE  If you have changed the Is Sensitive option, you will be presented with an Authentication Point dialog box. Enter your Dimensions password and click OK.

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