Editing an Attribute Rule


Follow this procedure when you want to edit an attribute rule for a lifecycle state.

You can create an attribute rule from scratch or you can copy the details from an existing attribute rule.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Object Types

To edit an attribute rule:

  1. In the Lifecycles main window, display the list of lifecycles in the content pane by clicking the top node: lifecycles_node00038.gif in the navigation pane.

  2. Click the name link of the lifecycle in the content pane. The Edit Lifecycle dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Object type for which the rule is to apply in the Object Type field in the filter bar.

  4. Optionally, select the state for which you want to edit the attribute rule in the Lifecycle Model.

  5. Click the Edit button: editbutton00039.gif The Edit Attribute Rule dialog box appears.

  6. Update the fields as necessary.

  7. Click OK to update the attribute rule.

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