Assigning Object Types to a Lifecycle


Follow this procedure when you want to assign one or more object types to the selected lifecycle. This specifies the object type as being processed according to this lifecycle's states and transitions.

Note that you can also assign a lifecycle to a specific object type in the corresponding dialog boxes in Object Type Definitions. See About Assigning Lifecycles to Object Types.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Lifecycles


You cannot assign a lifecycle to an object type that already has a lifecycle assigned to it.

To assign object types to a lifecycle:

  1. In the Lifecycles main window, select the lifecycle to which you want to assign object types.

  2. Click the assign button: assign_lifecycle_button00005.gif The Assign Object Types to Lifecycle dialog box appears.

  3. To assign object types, select them from the Available object types list and click Relate.

  4. When you have finished, click OK to associate the object types.

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