Managing Design Part Usage Relationships


Follow this procedure to define a usage relationship between two design parts. You define a usage relationship in order to reuse a design part in another part of the design structure. Usage relationships may be important when building configurations and baselines.

NOTE  If you want to include usage relationships in a baseline, be sure to create the usage relationships before building the baseline.

You can break the usage relationship by removing the used design part from the parent design part.

PRIVILEGES  Relate design part to design part

To create a usage relationship between design parts:

  1. From the Design Part Structure main window, select the design part for which you want to create a usage relationship.

  2. Click the Relate button: relatepartbutton00003.gif. The Relate To dialog box appears.

  3. Do one of the following:

  4. Click Yes to create the relationship.

To break a usage relationship between design parts:

  1. From the Design Part Structure, select the design part from which you want to break a usage relationship.

  2. Click the Unrelate button: unrelatepartbutton00004.gif. The Unrelate From dialog box appears.

  3. Select the design part(s) that you want to remove from the selected design part from the Used Parts list.

  4. Click OK to remove the relationship(s).

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