New/Edit Local Subordinate Dialog Box

The New/Edit Local Subordinate dialog box enables you to define or change the details of the local project that is to receive a replicated project from the master site. You can also enable the local site to replicate specified branches back to the master site.



Rules and Guidelines

General Tab

Replication type

The type of replication.

Display only.

Master site

The master DB site that is responsible for sending the replication. This string consists of the node name, base database, and DB connection string.

Display only.

Replication ID

The master project replication configuration.

Display only.


Lists the projects that exist in the subordinate site. Select the target project into which the items will replicated.


Is replication enabled to the subordinate

Specifies whether the master site can replicate items to the subordinate site.

Default: checked (enabled).

Is subordinate replicating branches back to the master

Specifies whether the subordinate site can replicate items back to the master site.

Default: unchecked (disabled).

Branches Tab


Lists the named branches that exist in the subordinate site. Select the branches that you want to replicate back to the master site.


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